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Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCares)

What is Kelab Sahabat Universiti Malaya

Kelab Sahabat Universiti Malaya is also known as (Sekolah Angkat UM) and is a means for Universiti Malaya to conduct activities at school level. Kelab Sahabat UM was formally launched by Prof. Ir. Dr. Abdul Azizi Abdul Rahman in the year 2014. The main objective of Kelab Sahabat UM was to help schools, particularly schools with limited capabilities of launching noncurricular/curricular activities and at the same time allowing UM an avenue for CSR activities.

In early stage, only 7 cluster schools were attached to Universiti Malaya as mandate from Ministry of Education as adoption schools. Currently, with the collaboration from Bangsar/Pudu and Petaling Utama District Education Office more than 233 schools have registered under Kelab Sahabat Universiti Malaya from various type of school such as cluster school, urban school and many more.

Engagement with District Education Office

Last Update: 21/10/2021