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Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre

UMCares: Connecting Campus to Community

Universiti Malaya believes that universities have a responsibility to improve the quality of life and reduce disparities in the communities they serve. UMCares, or the Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre, was established to fulfill this responsibility. UMCares works closely with the community through community engagement projects and by involving community members in their initiatives. This allows UMCares to strategically target different demographic groups within the community to bring about positive change.

UMCares is also working with the local government to develop a program to improve the quality of life for the elderly. The program will provide elderly residents with access to social services, health care, and transportation. The program is expected to improve the quality of life for many elderly residents in the community. UMCares is strategically positioned to link important factors and resources to produce impactful social change. The center has links within the university to academic professionals, students, volunteers, grants and funds, as well as links outside the university to community members in need, key stakeholders, experts, and government bodies. By acting as a bridge between these resources, UMCares can optimize benefits to the community.

In essence, UMCares is a dedicated branch of Universiti Malaya that is committed to benefiting the community through strategic and well-implemented projects.

A Bridge to a Better Future

UMCares is more than just a community engagement center. It is a bridge between the university and the community. It is a bridge to a better future. Through UMCares, Universiti Malaya is working to create a more just and equitable society. The center is working to reduce disparities, improve the quality of life, and create a more sustainable future. UMCares is a beacon of hope for the community. It is a symbol of the university's commitment to social responsibility. It is a bridge to a better future.

Last Update: 07/07/2023