Universities spring from society, and is a powerful means to propel society forwards academically by pushing the boundaries of knowledge. However, Universities can also affect the community in other ways, in a deeper and more meaningful level; improving quality of living, reducing disparities, and bringing about a general positive change to the community. Universiti Malaya (UM) has always held community interest in high regard, and UMCares is the means to this end.

UMCares stands for "The Community and Sustainability Centre”, and from this name we can highlight 2 keywords which can explain UMCares’ role. “Community” refers to how closely UMCares works with the society through community-engagement projects, strategic targeting of demographic groups within the community, and by strongly involving community members in our projects.“Sustainability” highlights the importance of carrying out projects which are well-planned and have long-lasting benefits towards society.

UMCares is also strategically positioned to link important factors to produce impactful social- change. UMCares has links within the university to academic professionals, students, volunteers, grants and funds; as well as links outside the university to community members in need, key stakeholders, experts and government bodies. Effective exchange between all these resources with UMCares as a bridge can bring optimised benefits to the community.

In short, UMCares is a branch of UM which is wholly dedicated to benefiting the community through strategic and well-implemented projects.

Last Update: 21/09/2021