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UMCares Grant (Community Engagement Grant)

The Universiti Malaya funds for social engagement, also known as the Community Engagement Grant was established to provide opportunities to lecturers to transfer their skills and research findings for the betterment of the community. This is in line with the governments’ initiative to have universities function as a community centre to the local populace. This restructuring is in line with current goals and objectives which require the university to increase its level of engagement and contributions to the society.

Type of Grants

Sahabat Grant is used to carry out community activities involving only school students and teachers, particularly students from schools participating in Kelab Sahabat to enhance their curriculum or co curriculum.

This Grant allows researchers to carry out research and knowledge transfer involving/ together with the community in Lembah Pantai to enhance life style in community Lembah Pantai

This grant funds researches with multi/ inter/ trans-discipline aspects,for example Grants from UMRG, FRGS, UMRG, IIRG, and others but focusing in Klang Valley only. This grants can only fund research output from other research grants.

This special grant is open to all Universiti Malaya researchers to conduct knowledge / technology transfer program by solving the problem that community is facing with a new normal after Movement Control Oder (MCO) and Covid-19 outbreak according to their expertise of the researchers involved.

Term & Condition

Grant Application Form 

Template Report

Standard Operating Procedure for COVID-19


Last Updated: 09/10/2020