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 Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCares)

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Empowerment and sustainability

Community wellbeing and improvement of quality Environment The ability to sustain innovative practices encouraging innovation in practice

Change was independently managed by the community or participants, without the assistance of Universiti Malaya

Change of Practice

clear benefits of innovative practices, such as increased revenue and quality, reduced costs

The participant or community uses innovation in their area of experience.

Changes in Attitudes, Skills and Aspirations

Via community action programs, the community gains more knowledge, attitudes, skills, and aspirations.

The community or participant shows improved knowledge, abilities, and skill in attitudes and aspiration.
* Measurement evidence is shown through result analysis and other sources.

Support and Engagement

The importance of community involvement gets noticed by the community. Organizational/community strategic partnerships

Program implementation is carried out by Universiti Malaya with the community and/or participants.

Establish Connections

The University of Malaya and the program are well-regarded in the community.

Enhancing relationships with Universiti Malaya with the community and/or participants via correspondence, emails, and other means

Last Update: 08/12/2023