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Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCares)

About Us

ResPACT is a university-based think-and-do tank and was initiated by the team in UMCares. It is aimed to improve social impact, sustainability, and development of projects through the establishment of partnerships, capacity-building programmes and monitoring and evaluation. ResPACT provides a one stop centre for research impact, especially community engagement. This initiative is hoped to boost researchers’ ability to transform the results of their academic and applied research into beneficial knowledge and management practices for stakeholders, including business, industry, economy, and civil society at large. The current efforts by the ResPACT team such as the production of a guidebook, micro credential courses, an impact clinic, the 1-minute impact video and the ResPact workshop is hoped to benefit our university community i.e., lecturers, postgraduate students, and researchers. This, we hope and believe, will in turn benefit the society at larget.


To act as a catalyst for the change of thinking and implementation on research impact in research and community engagement


To shape the practice and influence policies in community engagement to positively impact individuals and communities. As a think and do-tank, we enable better and more effective decision-making by generating and promoting knowledge, tools and best-practices for stakeholders and the community we engage in. We believe that by understanding social impact through the lens of community dynamics, governance structures and socio-economic relationships, we can positively impact the lives of people, improve communities, improve development pathways, and contribute to a fairer world.


  • To develop and implement an impact ecosystem for UM 

  • To promote impact agenda in UM.

  • To help researchers understand, articulate and plan for the impact arising from research by providing consultation, technical assistance, and training services to public and private aid agencies, non-governmental organizations, and governments.

  • To monitor and evaluate research impact in Community Engagement

  • To assist on impact measurement and reporting

Benefit for the University Community

The ResPACT initiatives will benefit the university community in several ways. These include:

  • Helping researchers to achieve their impact goals​​​​​​.

  • Providing training and resources on research impact

  • Connecting researchers with stakeholders

  • Raising awareness of research impact

Benefit for the Sociaty

The ResPACT initiatives will also benefit society at large by helping to ensure that research is used to solve real-world problems. This will lead to improved social, economic, and environmental outcomes for all.


Impact Pathway

Last Update: 17/04/2024