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Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCares)

The Partnership Matching Fund (PMF)

The Partnership Matching Fund (PMF) is a matching fund provided by UMCares to researchers who receive funds from local agencies / industries and therein named as organisation, to carry out community projects that can benefit the community listed in the polarity management of Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, focusing on social impact and aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Project leader who received organisation fund and interested in applying the UM Community Engagement Grant as PMF must send in application to The Community and Sustainability Centre (UMCares). Application can only be processed after the recipients and Universiti Malaya had received the organisation funding. Approvals are subjected to panel’s decision and upon successful PMF application, the fund must be administered by Universiti Malaya via UMCares. 

Fund Eligibility Criteria

  1. This fund is open to all UM researchers who are successful in securing funds from local organisation grants.
  2. Organisation to be partnered for funding the project should be unequivocal in capability to be the project collaborator.
  3. Project leader and applicant members should be competence in skills for knowledge transfer and able to deliver expected measurable output and outcome

Fund Objectives

To encourage UM researchers to source out local organisation grants for community project or program.

Quantum of Funding

Matching to partnership fund is applied to ratio of 3 : 1 (organisation fund : PMF fund).

PMF is funding to a maximum of RM 20,000 for grant received from an organisation per project. The amount awarded will depend on the availability of fund.



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Last Update: 03/10/2023